Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Welcome to our new chef builds below, now available both instore and online. Enjoy these as our chef designed, mix and match between, have them as rice or salad bowls, or just customize your own from our a la carte menu offerings.
Mac Daddy - Seasoned grass-fed beef (w)holeburger filled with mac and cheese, topped with pancetta bacon, melted cheddar, and housemade BBQ sauce on a brioche bun - $6.00
Meat and Potatoes - Seasoned grass-fed beef (w)holeburger filled with our signature potato chorizo hash, topped with melted cheddar, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion on a brioche bun - $6.00
The Greek - Seasoned pasture-raised lamb (w)holeburger with a scoop of sauteed spinach and garlic, topped with lettuce, tomato, tzatziki, and hummus on a brioche bun - $8.00
Turks and Shrooms - Seasoned free-range turkey (w)holeburger with a scoop of sauteed mushrooms and onions, melted swiss, ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle on a multigrain bun - $6.00
Veggie VegHousemade veggie (w)holeburger surrounding roasted brussels sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, manchego cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a multigrain bun - $6.00
Mary’s MultigrainWarm multigrain rice topped with seasoned pasture-raised lamb skewers, roasted brussels sprouts, fresh tomato, and tzatziki sauce - $9.00
Omega GreensMixed greens with grilled and seasoned sustainable salmon skewers topped with your choice of a scoop and up to three condiments - $9.00

Springing into March and the Buildboard Chart has more ties than a Brooks Brothers clearance sale. Knotted at #10 is RODGERSMG’S platinum MGR Lamb Burger alongside AMYSUMMERVILLE’S ‘just when you thought shrimp and grits couldn't get any better’ Southern Salmon Delight. Four custom (w)holeburgers crowd in at #7 with JASONMPCI’S red white and blue ‘nom nom nom’ inspired yet slipping Sweet American Dream, the return of RBIENSTOCK’S Gluten Free Avo, ALEXC’S ever popular ‘with all the fixins’ Cheddar Bacon Guac, and KIKAZ’S ‘sweet and salty’ right combination of The Wrong Combination. A two way tie at #3 finds ANGELA1126’S Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger going up the hill with the RENATODECASTRO’S globetrotting EXECUTIVO GLOBAL. GFARNOLI’S ‘an improved classic with a healthy twist’ New American Cheddar Burger has an ally at #1 in AEHASTEN’Sbest gluten free burger evar’ THE AMANDA consisting of Pressed Rice Bun-Turkey Patty-Spinach & Garlic Scoop-Avocado Slice-Lettuce-Pickle-Basil Pesto Condiment.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The best burgers in NYC are the ones you create from whole cuts of local beef, ground fresh daily at 4food.
As well as possibly horse meat, and thus phenylbutazone (a toxic anti-inflammatory that is banned for use in humans but is still used to treat horses), processed burgers can often contain pork, and usually many of the following: ammonia drenched boneless lean beef trimmings (aka pink slime), up to 30% added fat, monosodium glutamate (MSG), calcium caseinate (a hidden source of MSG and other additives), hydrolyzed corn, yeast extract (a natural-sounding flavor booster that may contain as much free glutamate as MSG and has similar side-effects), soy protein isolate (which is probably genetically modified as 95% of soy in the US is and may have side effects such as diminished libido and erectile dysfunction), propylene glycol (a “less toxic” version of ethylene glycol which is a dangerous anti-freeze), ammonium sulfate (an acid wash for meat trimmings), calcium silicate (a white powder that is often used to prevent brick and cement caking), and azodicarbonamide in the buns (an odorless synthetic chemical used in the production of foamed plastics, which is banned as a food additive almost everywhere else in the world - in fact, if you were caught using it in Singapore you would face 15 years imprisonment and a $450,000 fine).
4food on the NW Corner of Madison Avenue and 40th Street is a safe-haven from the horse s***.  Visit us at any time 7AM to 11PM weekdays and 11 AM to 6PM Saturdays. Tour our immaculate culinary commissary, where we grind our own beef (sourced from local farms), form our own patties, and produce 99% of our products from scratch (from the best produce on earth), every day - three of thousands of ways we’re de-junking fast food.
The very best burger in NYC is one you can create and name yourself.
Local. Natural. Yours. WELCOME TO 4FOOD.

This week’s Buildboard Chart welcomes back RODGERSMG’S platinum MGR Lamb Burger at #10 with a tied bow. Tied at #9 is newcomer NAITOZEMI’S NaitozemiBurger of Pumpernickel Bun-Beef Patty-Cheddar Grits Scoop-Caramelized Apple Slice-Mozzarella Cheese-Lettuce-Tomato-Cranberry Condiment alongside the return of GETTODOG81’S ‘yum yum’ Awesome lamb burger supreme. Another two way tie at #7 has ALEXC’S ever popular ‘with all the fixins’ Cheddar Bacon Guac climbing up alongside KIKAZ’S ‘sweet and salty’ right combination of The Wrong Combination. Flying solo to new heights at #5 is AMYSUMMERVILLE’S ‘just when you thought shrimp and grits couldn't get any better’ Southern Salmon Delight. Red neck and neck at #3 is newcomer JASONMPCI’S red white and blue ‘nom nom nom’ inspired Sweet American Dream of Brioche Bun-Beef Patty-Mac & Cheese Scoop-Pancetta Bacon Slice-Cheddar Cheese-Lettuce-Onion-Pickle-Tomato-Ketchup-Mayonnaise-Sweet Chili Condiment and ANGELA1126’S Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger which nearly replicates but never duplicates. Flipping down to #2 is GFARNOLI’S ‘an improved classic with a healthy twist’ New American Cheddar Burger, and regaining the top spot this week is JFAVUZZA’S golden and ‘even better’ Better Turkey Burger.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This week 4food is introducing 4 behind the scenes products into our ingredient list. With a mission to source locally and sustainably grown products, and a little help from our partners over at Hudson Valley Harvest, we now have the following:
Highland Valley Apiaries - producers of local Raw Honey that have apiary locations selected specifically for their abundance and variety of natural floral sources. Highland Valley prides themselves on keeping healthy bees that are free from the use of hard chemicals or antibiotics.
Sugar Hill Farms - located in New York and now the source for 4food’s Grade A Maple Syrup. Directly from Sugar Hill’s own sugar bush is where 40 gallons of sap is collected to produce just one gallon of pure maple syrup.
Greig Farm - a local farm near Red Hook, NY is the home to 4food’s Blueberries. Greig Farm prides themselves in harvesting all of their fruits and vegetables at the peak time allowing for them to ripen naturally on the vine for the best quality and flavor.
Hepworth Farms - not only is Hepworth Farms the source of 4food’s Heirloom Tomato Puree used in our commissary created ketchup, but they are extremely passionate about their farming standards and practice a whole-alive-systems approach. They deeply care about and are devoted to their workers and the conservation of their land.
So whether you’re enjoying your own (w)holeburger creation or one of ours, it’s good and healthy and delicious to know that the value of the product extends beyond the boundaries of 40th and Madison and into the local farms that surround and help sustain us.


Bound this lover’s week at #10 is RENATODECASTRO’S transcontinental EXECUTIVE GLOBAL along with KIKAZ’S re-emerging something must be right about The Wrong Combination. Slightly upstream at #9 is AMYSUMMERVILLE’S “just when you thought shrimp and grits couldn’t get any better” Southern Salmon Delight. Coming from opposing directions yet side by side and tied at #7 are two avocado laced favorites in RBIENSTOCK’S Gluten Free Avo and ALEXC’S “with all the fixins” Cheddar Bacon Guac. DOCKERYFARMS’S The Jerk Burger sits tied at #5 with ANGELA1126 and her going uphill Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger. Remaining solo at #3 is the Madison Avenue favorite in ALEXC’S “all business, still delicious” Midtown Cheddar Bacon. JFAVUZZA’S golden Better Turkey Burger flaps down a perch to #2 as GFARNOLI’S “an improved classic with a healthy twist” New American Cheddar Burger flips its patriotism up a notch to this week’s #1 spot.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Fresh out of the Commissary Kitchen and from the creative hands of scoop extraordinaire Chef Vincent Mangual comes February’s Featured New Scoop in Black Quinoa Salad* - a hearty combination of  Black Quinoa, Parsley, Oranges, Apricots, and Pistachios tossed with a Harissa Honey Vinaigrette, and lightly seasoned with Salt, Pepper, and Cumin Seed. 4foodies can enjoy this scoop in the center of their favorite (W)holeburgers or take this month’s Black Quinoa Fiver for a spin - Lamb Patty, Black Quinoa Salad Scoop, Maple Butternut Squash Slice, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion with Tzatziki and Hummus Condiments on a Pumpernickel Bun.  
*Please note that Black Quinoa is a superfood and consumption may lead to healthier well being, uncommon gains in energy, and overall healthier feeling of satisfaction. Some reports indicate that not only is the gluten free product tasty, but can be mildly addictive especially when combined with the right ingredients. Also note that Black Quinoa is a complete protein containing all of the amino acids necessary for nutritional needs while also being high in iron and calcium as well a good source of magnesium, copper, and fiber. 


The ‘beefy’ Buildboard Chart this week has a heavy mixture of perennial favorites alongside several eciting rookies. A three way tie at #10 sincerely welcomes back NEWMANRA’S platinum Cali4nication, followed by two newcomers in ALEXC’S Cheddar Bacon Guac “with all the fixins” of Brioche Bun-Beef Patty-Mushroom & Onions Scoop-Pancetta Bacon Slice-Cheddar Cheese-Lettuce-Onion-Pickle-Tomato-Guacamole and AMYSUMMERVILLE’S “just when you thought shrimp and grits couldn’t get any better” Southern Salmon Delight of Multigrain Bun-Wild Salmon Patty-Cheddar Grits Scoop-Avocado Slice-Goat Cheese-Lettuce-Pickle-Tomato-Horseradish Cream Condiment-Hummus-Ketchup-Mayonnaise. Tied at #7 is the quick return of ANGELA1126’S and her Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger alongside RENATODECASTRO’S transcontinental EXECUTIVO GLOBAL newbie of Pumpernickel Bun-Beef Patty-Mushroom & Onions Scoop-Shiitake Mushroom Slice-Bleu Cheese-Lettuce-Onion-Chipotle Pepper Condiment-Ketchup. DOCKERYFARMS’S The Jerk Burger manages to squeeze back in at #5, while newcomer RBIENSTOCK’S Gluten Free Avo of Pressed Rice-Beef Patty-Mushrooms & Onions Scoop-Avocado Slice-Bleu Cheese-Onion-Garlic Mayonnaise-Horseradish Cream Condiment-Sweet Chili Condiment lands on the chart in a tie at #3 with ALEXC’S “all business, still delicious” Midtown Cheddar Bacon. GFARNOLI’S “an improved classic with a healthy twist” New American Cheddar Burger climbs up the flagpole a notch to #2, and JFAVUZZA (with Baltimore) keeps the golden bird alive with Better Turkey Burger securing this week’s #1 slot.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


4food’s mission is to bring fast food that is fresh, delicious, and nutritious to people of all ages, lifestyles, incomes, and ethnicities. No fads, fillers, or anything artificial. We’re redefining counter culture in real-time.
We’ve upgraded food that people already eat - burgers, nuggets, fries, salads, sodas, and teas - transforming them into new menu items that are convenient, and almost infinitely customizable to our guests’ lifestyles and cultural preferences.
Vincent Mangual, 4food’s Executive Chef, has been charged to insure that not only do all of the menu offerings live beyond the standard set forth, but to manage the full process from ingredient sourcing and purchase through production and finally to the guest. Guaranteeing the freshest product possible Vincent made it his mission to make all of 4food’s offerings completely in house. In 2012 4food began to produce and bake all of its (w)holeburger buns from scratch and to grind fresh meats like pork and beef into seasoned and formed (w)holepatties - leaving the only 3 items not formally produced by 4food in Ketchup, Mayo, and Mustard. Starting February 2013 4food will be producing the Big 3 from scratch and thus 100% of the produced menu items will made in house within the Commissary Kitchen located on the lower level at 286 Madison Avenue. Be sure to head down and peep through a porthole, say hello to the team and watch how 4food creates ALL of its signature products.


This week’s buildboard chart starts with a three-way tie of returning creations at #10 with CVC8’S “really delicious and good for your heart and soul” Vege Out alongside DOUBLEASQUARED’S “salmon and sprouts, what's not to love about that?” Skinny Girl Gluten Free Sammy and AZUCKER’S “feels like home” Salmon Mac & Cheese with a touch of hot! Another three-way tie at #7 has ANGELA1126’S “veggie, avocado, lettuce, tomato, hummus, spinach, garlic, & bbq sauce! healthy & wholesome. you will love it!” Angela’s Veggie 2 and KIKAZ’S “sweet and salty” right combo of The Wrong Combination holding steady alongside newcomer AEHASTEN’S “best gluten free burger EVAR” and Celiebo certification inspired The Amanda consisting of Pressed Rice Bun-Turkey Patty-Spinach & Garlic Scoop-Avocado Slice-Lettuce-Pickle-Basil Pesto Condiment. Perennial platinum powerhouse AHARRIS’S CaliBurger slips one spot to #4 while GFARNOLI’S “an improved classic with a healthy twist” New American Cheddar Burger slips one post inaugural spot to #3. JFAVUZZA’S “even better” and very golden Better Turkey Burger survives a lip-synching scandal yet drops a notch from atop its perch to #2. ALEXC’S “all business, still delicious” Midtown Cheddar Bacon reminds us that home is where the heart is and regains this week’s top spot at #1.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


While 4food’s menu has always offered a wide variety of gluten-free items we knew that there was more work to be done in providing the safest environment possible in better serving the gluten-free community. We have taken it a big stride further and for the past several months our team members have undergone training to achieve our Gluten Free Restaurant Certification. This certification establishes 4food as a very safe dining experience for the gluten-free community. In order to achieve this designation, 4food has partnered with Celiebo and its founder Tinsley Meloy. Celiebo works to raise awareness and promote diagnosis of celiac disease, a condition that affects some 3 million Americans, only 3% of which are properly diagnosed. Beyond the disease itself, Celiebo works to serve the gluten intolerant and gluten sensitive communities that number approximately 25 million in the United States alone. Tinsley and her educational team have worked hand in hand with the 4food staff to inform and train us in how to safely serve a gluten-free guest in every phase of the dining and ordering process, as well as how to implement tools and processes to create an environment free of cross contamination while maintaining a diverse and customizable array of menu items. We look forward to de-junking a growing community that is certainly in need of access to such responsible fast food.


This week’s Buildboard Chart starts with a four way tie at #10 as we welcome back ANGUSSHILLINGTON’S namesake ANGUS, alongside ANGELA1126’S namesake redux Angela’s Veggie 2, as well the return of LARRYSMILLER’S VoxBurger, and the introduction of KIKAZ’S The Wrong Combination which is indeed a “sweet and salty” and tasty combo of Brioche Bun-Wild Salmon Patty-Avocado & Chili Mango Scoop-Pancetta Bacon Slice-Manchego Cheese-Lettuce-Pickle-Tomato-Sweet Chili Condiment. Both dropping two spots and yet tied again this week at #7 are ANGELA1126’S Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger alongside MSHEPPARD’S “don’t think they got the message” The Mayan Burger. ALEXC’S recently steadfast Midtown Cheddar Bacon is sharing the #3 spot with AHARRIS’S always steadfast and platinum CaliBurger. GFARNOLI’S “an improved classic with a healthy twist” New American Cheddar Burger holds solid at #2 while JFAVUZZA’S  does similarly in claiming this week’s top spot with his “even better” and very golden Better Turkey Burger.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


4food guests can now enjoy the extra healthy proteins of quinoa, lentils, and garbanzo beans tossed with shredded carrots, red onion, habanero peppers, almonds, and scallions; seasoned with Chana masala, lime juice, black sesame, chia seeds, and cilantro in the form of our Masala Veggiescoop. This spicy, gluten-free, and vegan Veggiescoop is only 45 calories per serving and can be enjoyed at the center of your (W)holeburger or atop a Masala Salad Bowl (Spinach Radicchio Blend, Veggie Skewers, Masala Scoop, Shiitake Mushroom Slice, Chipotle Pepper Condiment, Tomato, Onions) or as a hearty side dish unto itself. The term Masala films in Indian cinema are those that combine various genres within one work, typically and freely mixing action, comedy, romance, and drama. Enjoy the variety of flavors, mixture of spices, and numerous micronutrients of this superfood menu addition.
Landing its way back on to the charts and tied at #10 is CVC8’S laid back “really delicious and good for your heart and soul” Vege Out featuring Biscuit Muffin-Veggie Patty-Eggplant Parmesan Scoop-Avocado Slice-Manchego Cheese-Lettuce-Tomato for 467 calories. Alongside at #10 is JAMESBUCKNEY’S contradictory “a little ying and yang” VeggieBaconPlus of Multigrain Bun-Veggie Patty-Potato Chorizo Hash Scoop-Pancetta Bacon Slice-Cheddar Cheese-Lettuce-Tomato-Chipotle Pepper Condiment-Guacamole Condiment. Squeezing back in at #9 is MISSKHAHLIDRA’S #CaseOfTheMondays followed by a surge from ANGELA1126’S true unto itself Angela’s Veggie 2 at #7. Tied at #5 are MSHEPPARD’S ill-predictive The Mayan Burger and ANGELA1126’S fighting yet falling Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger. Located at #3 and on the corner of 40th & Madison is ALEXC’S “all business, all delicious” Midtown Cheddar Bacon. Newly sworn in and climbing to attention this week at #2 is GFARNOLI’S “an improved classic with a healthy twist” New American Cheddar. Where’s the Beef? Where’s the Turkey? Both can be found atop the chart this week at #1 with AHARRIS’S platinum mainstay CaliBurger and JFAVUZZA’S golden Better Turkey Burger taking the crown and showing yet again their popularities with the masses.