Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The best burgers in NYC are the ones you create from whole cuts of local beef, ground fresh daily at 4food.
As well as possibly horse meat, and thus phenylbutazone (a toxic anti-inflammatory that is banned for use in humans but is still used to treat horses), processed burgers can often contain pork, and usually many of the following: ammonia drenched boneless lean beef trimmings (aka pink slime), up to 30% added fat, monosodium glutamate (MSG), calcium caseinate (a hidden source of MSG and other additives), hydrolyzed corn, yeast extract (a natural-sounding flavor booster that may contain as much free glutamate as MSG and has similar side-effects), soy protein isolate (which is probably genetically modified as 95% of soy in the US is and may have side effects such as diminished libido and erectile dysfunction), propylene glycol (a “less toxic” version of ethylene glycol which is a dangerous anti-freeze), ammonium sulfate (an acid wash for meat trimmings), calcium silicate (a white powder that is often used to prevent brick and cement caking), and azodicarbonamide in the buns (an odorless synthetic chemical used in the production of foamed plastics, which is banned as a food additive almost everywhere else in the world - in fact, if you were caught using it in Singapore you would face 15 years imprisonment and a $450,000 fine).
4food on the NW Corner of Madison Avenue and 40th Street is a safe-haven from the horse s***.  Visit us at any time 7AM to 11PM weekdays and 11 AM to 6PM Saturdays. Tour our immaculate culinary commissary, where we grind our own beef (sourced from local farms), form our own patties, and produce 99% of our products from scratch (from the best produce on earth), every day - three of thousands of ways we’re de-junking fast food.
The very best burger in NYC is one you can create and name yourself.
Local. Natural. Yours. WELCOME TO 4FOOD.

This week’s Buildboard Chart welcomes back RODGERSMG’S platinum MGR Lamb Burger at #10 with a tied bow. Tied at #9 is newcomer NAITOZEMI’S NaitozemiBurger of Pumpernickel Bun-Beef Patty-Cheddar Grits Scoop-Caramelized Apple Slice-Mozzarella Cheese-Lettuce-Tomato-Cranberry Condiment alongside the return of GETTODOG81’S ‘yum yum’ Awesome lamb burger supreme. Another two way tie at #7 has ALEXC’S ever popular ‘with all the fixins’ Cheddar Bacon Guac climbing up alongside KIKAZ’S ‘sweet and salty’ right combination of The Wrong Combination. Flying solo to new heights at #5 is AMYSUMMERVILLE’S ‘just when you thought shrimp and grits couldn't get any better’ Southern Salmon Delight. Red neck and neck at #3 is newcomer JASONMPCI’S red white and blue ‘nom nom nom’ inspired Sweet American Dream of Brioche Bun-Beef Patty-Mac & Cheese Scoop-Pancetta Bacon Slice-Cheddar Cheese-Lettuce-Onion-Pickle-Tomato-Ketchup-Mayonnaise-Sweet Chili Condiment and ANGELA1126’S Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger which nearly replicates but never duplicates. Flipping down to #2 is GFARNOLI’S ‘an improved classic with a healthy twist’ New American Cheddar Burger, and regaining the top spot this week is JFAVUZZA’S golden and ‘even better’ Better Turkey Burger.

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