Thursday, February 14, 2013


This week 4food is introducing 4 behind the scenes products into our ingredient list. With a mission to source locally and sustainably grown products, and a little help from our partners over at Hudson Valley Harvest, we now have the following:
Highland Valley Apiaries - producers of local Raw Honey that have apiary locations selected specifically for their abundance and variety of natural floral sources. Highland Valley prides themselves on keeping healthy bees that are free from the use of hard chemicals or antibiotics.
Sugar Hill Farms - located in New York and now the source for 4food’s Grade A Maple Syrup. Directly from Sugar Hill’s own sugar bush is where 40 gallons of sap is collected to produce just one gallon of pure maple syrup.
Greig Farm - a local farm near Red Hook, NY is the home to 4food’s Blueberries. Greig Farm prides themselves in harvesting all of their fruits and vegetables at the peak time allowing for them to ripen naturally on the vine for the best quality and flavor.
Hepworth Farms - not only is Hepworth Farms the source of 4food’s Heirloom Tomato Puree used in our commissary created ketchup, but they are extremely passionate about their farming standards and practice a whole-alive-systems approach. They deeply care about and are devoted to their workers and the conservation of their land.
So whether you’re enjoying your own (w)holeburger creation or one of ours, it’s good and healthy and delicious to know that the value of the product extends beyond the boundaries of 40th and Madison and into the local farms that surround and help sustain us.


Bound this lover’s week at #10 is RENATODECASTRO’S transcontinental EXECUTIVE GLOBAL along with KIKAZ’S re-emerging something must be right about The Wrong Combination. Slightly upstream at #9 is AMYSUMMERVILLE’S “just when you thought shrimp and grits couldn’t get any better” Southern Salmon Delight. Coming from opposing directions yet side by side and tied at #7 are two avocado laced favorites in RBIENSTOCK’S Gluten Free Avo and ALEXC’S “with all the fixins” Cheddar Bacon Guac. DOCKERYFARMS’S The Jerk Burger sits tied at #5 with ANGELA1126 and her going uphill Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger. Remaining solo at #3 is the Madison Avenue favorite in ALEXC’S “all business, still delicious” Midtown Cheddar Bacon. JFAVUZZA’S golden Better Turkey Burger flaps down a perch to #2 as GFARNOLI’S “an improved classic with a healthy twist” New American Cheddar Burger flips its patriotism up a notch to this week’s #1 spot.

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