Tuesday, October 16, 2012


If you prefer your eggs from birds that get to flock, believe that livestock should enjoy their lives, reject GMO, MSG, HFCS in favor of local and sustainable, and want products that are really cooked from scratch every day and made to order with each order, then you are ready to de-junk your breakfast…
The Best De-Junked Breakfast in New York City is now available full time online and in-store with a selection of sandwiches and bowls introducing our new Frittata patties (eggs or egg whites or tofu/vegan) with your choice of Veggiescoop scrambled into the mix as well introducing our new Biscuit Muffin bun. Our featured builds - Jammin Brioche Porker, Hash’ish & Egg Muffin, Salmon Gone Muffin Wild, Sweet Hot Vegan, Fiery Egg White Bowl, and The Salsa Vegan Bowl - are each $5.00 and Monday-Friday 7am-10am thru this October they will come with the beverage of your choice (freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice or freshly brewed Irving Farm coffee).
You could also WIN de-junked breakfast everyday for a week! Tweet how you start your day to @4foodnyc and include #DeJunkBreakfast for your chance to do so. 
4food is making happy hour even happier by extending “Off the Clock” until 11pm Monday-Friday with $3.00 Captain Lawrence Draft Beers and Housemade Sangrias and $5.00 Chef Builds. Come de-junk your Saturdays beginning October 20th as 4food will be unlocking the doors from 11am-6pm throughout the Fall and Winter.
We look forward to seeing you and de-junking with you often!
Landing at #10 is the Haitian-Dominican infused Brioche-Beef-Mofongo-Sweet Plantains-Manchego-Lettuce-Pickle-Tomato-Horseradish Cream-Jerk Sauce-Ketchup Hispaniola Fat Boy by CLIFFHYPP. Following at #9 wearing a platinum bowtie and carrying a big welcome back is RODGERSMG’S MGR Lamb Burger. DOCKERYFARMS’S The Jerk Burger drops from #5 to #8 perhaps on name alone. With spurs spinning, digging in, and lassoing #7 is IAMTHEMATT’S The Rustler fitted with Multigrain-Beef-Veggie Chili-Avocado-Cheddar-Lettuce-Onion-Chipotle Pepper-Salsa Verde. Tied at #5 is a bird and fish - JFAVUZZA’S Better Turkey Burger and IAMTHEMATT’S (taking to the charts previously by land and now by sea) The Maki. Moving north from downtown at #4 is ALEXC’S Midtown Cheddar Bacon while moving east from west at #3 is AHARRIS’S platinum shining CaliBurger. With the craze still the rage this week at #2 is PROMSPLEEN’S uber easy Bacon Cheddar Madness of Brioche-Beef-Mac & Cheese-Pancetta Bacon-Cheddar-Onion-Pickle-Garlic Mayonnaise. Don’t tell Ford or GM but the next hottest and bluest thing out of Michigan besides baseball these days has landed at #1 with the chorus of "Hail To The Victors" echoing up Madison Ave in RHA70’S The Michigan Wolverine Burger.

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