Tuesday, July 31, 2012


4food HQ is all abuzz with excitement for the return of Skewers - succulent savory mini patties on a stick! Available in beef, lamb, pork, turkey, veggie, and wild salmon – there is no shortage of Rice Bowl and Salad Bowl combinations you can create with these babies!
We asked our officemates at Beyond Oblivion for their favorite 4food Bowls, and here is what they want you to try:
·       Beef Skewers with Coconut Rice, Avocado & Chili Mango, Avocado, Manchego, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mustard - Jim Heindlmeyer, CFO
·       Lamb Skewers with Spinach Radicchio Salad , Chipotle Hominy, Pancetta Bacon, Shiitake Mushroom, Tomato, and Tzatziki - Tamara Glozman, Senior Accountant
·       Turkey Skewers with Multigrain Rice, Roasted Brussels, Fried Egg, Fontina, Tomato, and Chutney - Brad Yuan, COO

Also returning this month from hiatus are 4food “Fivers” - the very best burger you can get in Gotham for $5.  August’s masterpiece is the Pico Fiver: Brioche-Turkey- Pico de Gallo (new scoop - our delicious salsa fresca combines juicy ripened tomatoes, diced red onion, fresh cilantro, and a hint of jalapeƱo)-Sweet Plantains- Manchego-Onion-Tomato-Salsa Verde (returning condiment)


A stormy, slow, delivery-driven week brought with it a freakish display of parity that resulted in #1 and #10 on the BuildBoard Chart being separated by 5 total sales. All of a sudden our chart is starting to resemble Major League Baseball’s American League East! Into the void stutter-steps JANINEDM’S super-heavyweight, 715 calorie, Multigrain-Beef-Potato Chorizo Hash-Pancetta Bacon-Cheddar-Tomato-Chipotle Pepper-Guacamole Burger De La Hoya which grabs #1 for the first time, out-grossing last week’s (and the 3 before it) sales leader Angela1126’S  Angela’s Veggie 2, with which it is tied in sales. RODGERSMG’S platinum-certified MGR Lamb Burger, still riding Rodgers’s personal appearance in the store two weeks ago, is this week’s greatest gainer, rising four places to #3 where it is tied in sales with JFAVUZZA’S fast-fading Better Turkey Burger. Wallowing at #5, where it is tied in sales and revenues with MSHEPPARD’S better blues burger, is PADROTE’S baked beans scooped summer stunner, (the) Summer BBQ Burger. AHARRIS’S all-time best-selling CaliBurger swoons two more places to #7, where it is tied with two new entries - GRABINOWITZ’S toothy, avocado Brioche-Turkey-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Swiss-Lettuce-Tomato-Basil Pesto-Mustard Lunch 2; and IAMTHEMATT’S super-carb, 652 calorie, Brioche-Beef-Mofongo-Fried Egg-Cheddar-Onion-Chipotle Pepper (government heath) Warning which trails by pennies. The 4foodie rumor-mill has it that IAMTHEMATT and MSHEPPARD is one and the same person seeking a free lunch - read next week’s newsletter for the results of our investigation. Awesome lamb burger surpreme, a complex Pumpernickel-Lamb-Avocado & Chili Mango-Pancetta Bacon-Bleu-Lettuce-Onion-Pickle-Tomato-Garlic Mayonnaise-Horseradish Cream-Ketchup new entry by the rookie GETTODOG81 is the 6th highest grossing burger on the chart by way of its $9.50 sticker and brings Pumpernickel back into the chart for the first time since April 29th, and helps push Lamb’s share (16.1%) above Veggie (14.3%) for the first time this year. Tied with ALBS at #10 (but a fistful of dollars short) is MSHEPPARD’S red white and bleu - sales of which benefit http://www.bradycampaign.org  for the remainder of 2012. Should you wish to contribute your burger bounty to the campaign for gun control, tweet your user name @4foodnyc and we will match your contribution.

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