Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Starting 7 AM yesterday Monday, June 4th 4food began de-junking breakfast (softly), which has wrought change you can believe in:
·       Summer opening hours of 7 AM - 11 PM, Monday - Friday (closed on the weekends until the Fall when we will transition to 7-day operations).
·       The best Grapefruit in Manhattan, pressed in front of your eyes, rather than at a plant miles away and then served as fresh.
·       Your favorite breakfast sandwiches (Mornin’ Glory, Green-eyes Monster, Early Bird, Caribbean Sunrise, and Full English Breakfast) return bundled with your choice of fresh squeezed juice or coffee, PLUS A SIDE, for the de-junksational price of $8.50, or choose one of 5 breakfast bowls and get the same juice or coffee + a side for $8.50 deal.
·       The biggest news at breakfast is our new $3.00 breakfast Fritatas, made with Sauder’s Organic Eggs, and come as Classic, 3-Cheese, Spinich & Garlic, and Mushroom & Onion, or build your own “dream” Fritata Bowl for $5.00.

“Breakfast just became the most important deal of your day!” said (Miss) Khahlidra Levister; 4food EVP and creator of the 4food breakfast platform.
ON THE CHART/CHARTBEAT: INtrigue and A Back-up Plan
Helped by a 15% increase in sales, JFAVUZZA’S Multigrain-Turkey-Spinach & Garlic-Avocado-Goat Cheese-Lettuce-Pickle-Hummus-Tzatziki Better Turkey Burger snatched the #1 spot back from Angela1126’S Angela’s Veggie, which falls two places to #3 on a 29% sales decline, but there is more to this story. Was Angela’s Veggie hobbled, unfairly? The answer to this mystery is that Angela1126’S veggie masterpiece went out-of-stock on Thursday of last week when Veggie Chili was replaced as a scoop by BBQ Baked Beans, and that as a result Angela’s Veggie will have to wait until Veggie Chili is reintroduced in the Fall to continue its chart run. In the meantime this week we are offering the 4foodie creator with the best-selling BBQ Baked Beans scoop on a Veggie (W)holeburger patty quadruple 4food$ (that is a buck a sale).  AHARRIS’S platinum certified CaliBurger is the Greatest Gainer this week, riding a 30% hike in sales to #2. The Back UP, a Brioche-Lamb-Mushroom & Onions-Pancetta Bacon-Swiss-Onion-Garlic Mayonnaise heavyweight by serial-(W)holeburger creator NETDOC66, enters the chart at #4. It is the third new entry by NETDOC66 in four weeks, and it boosts lamb’s share of sales to a historic high (18.7%), yet given the (suspiciously) boom and bust sales performance of his previous creations, it might not be in the chart for long. RODGERSMG’S MGR Lamb Burger drops back one place to #5, where it is tracked closely by the second of this week’s new entries, Don't Tango w/ the Mango Burger, an innovative Multigrain-Turkey-Avocado & Chili Mango-Caramelized Apple-Mozzarella-Lettuce-Tomato-Horseradish Cream protein-packing featherweight by Mangomike. Though tied in sales, Don't Tango w/ the Mango Burger beats out both JANINEDM’S Burger De La Hoya and NEWMANRA’S Cali4nication at #6 when gross revenues are factored in. Knotted at #9 are Ferris782’S super-heavy Purty Mouth Party Burger and this week’s third and final new chart entry Cardioburger, a  Brioche-Beef-Carrot Slaw-Pancetta Bacon-Mozzarella-Lettuce- Pickle-Garlic Mayonnaise-Ketchup “artery cleanser” by Mangodonna, who may (or may not) be related to Mangomike. Of that, only time (and a little private investigation) will tell!

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