Tuesday, June 12, 2012


A 4food lifetime ago (two weeks), Angela’s Veggie became the first veggie burger to top the BuildBoard Chart, and Angela1126 was was sitting prettily on top of the 4foodie planet, looking forward to an endless 4food$ fueled summer. Unfortunately that same week, the cruel hand of seasonality struck, and veggie chili, an essential ingredient of Angela’s Veggie, was replaced by BBQ Baked Beans. This being the first time a chart topper had been rendered out-of-stock, we decided to dig deeper, and find out how Angela1126 felt about her “nice little earner” being chopped off at the knees:

4food:                                       How did you feel when you learned that Angela’s Veggie would go Out of Stock as we are no longer producing Veggie Chili?
Angela1126:                         I was sad because I know that a lot of people were enjoying my burger and now they won't be able to order it - at least until veggie chili is reintroduced in the fall!
4food:                                       How did it feel when Angela’s Veggie became the first VB to hit #1?
Angela1126:                         I was amazed! I first found out that it was selling when I got an email from 4food indicating that I've reached 50 sales. It's now sold over 250 in only 6 months! I'm still so amazed & glad to think that people are eating healthy & enjoying my veggie burger!
4food:                                       What was your inspiration for Angela’s Veggie?
Angela1126:                         I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years, so it was natural for me to design a veggie burger. I am also very health conscious, so you'll notice there is no cheese in the burger and I also used a whole wheat bun. Lastly, I'm originally from California, so avocado is a must!
4food:                                       Did you promote it? If so - how?
Angela1126:                         I didn't promote it at all, except to brag to my family so they could come visit me in New York & try my famous veggie burger!
4food:                                       Are you surprised by its success?
Angela1126:                         Very surprised!
4food:                                       How many have you eaten?
Angela1126:                         Whenever I'm close by I'll stop in to order one, usually once a month.
4food:                                       What do you do with the 4food$?
Angela1126:                         I use them to buy lunch for myself and my friends or family.
4food:                                       We see you have already created Angela’s Veggie 2 & 3, which do you prefer?  Which is closest to the original?
Angela1126:                         I really like Angela's Veggie 2, because it is most like the original. The main difference is the sauce & instead of veggie chili, I've added sautéed spinach and garlic, which tastes great!
4food:                                       What would you say to 4foodies who were fans of the original to transition them to your next generation products?
Angela1126:                      First of all, THANK YOU for making my burger a success!  And, definitely try "Angela's Veggie 2"!  You won't be disappointed! :-)


A 77% increase in sales propelled our all-time-sales-leader AHARRIS’S seminal Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Lettuce-Tomato-Mustard CaliBurger back to the BuildBoard summit, with 24% more sales than JFAVUZZA’S Better Turkey Burger, which falls hard to #2.  In a week where sales across the BuildBoard rose 38%, the CaliBurger was responsible for an absolutely insane 23% of the combined sales of the BuildBoard Top-10! The greatest gainer this week is MANGOMIKE’S Don't Tango w/ the Mango Burger, which surges from #6 to #3 on a 120% increase in sales. We are not certain what is behind Burger De La Hoya’s 100% boost to #4, but rest assured that steroid abuse is not part of this or any other 4food story! RODGERSMG’S MGR Lamb Burger is one of 3 (W)holeburgers tied at #5, but beats out both NEWMANRA’S Cali4nication and Angela1126’S Angela’s Veggie*, when gross revenues are factored in. HANG ON A SECOND THERE - DID WE REALLY SAY “BEATS OUT ANGELA’S VEGGIE?” How can that be? Didn’t Angela1126’S magnum opus go out-of-stock almost two weeks ago, when Veggie Chili was replaced by BBQ Baked Beans? Well, after a very thorough investigation by the powers-that-be, it now seems certain that Angela’s Veggie’s posthumous chart run is the consequence of scoop substitution, a flagrant violation of Buildboard Chart rules - thus the asterisk and some cherry red-faces at HQ.  BTW, none of you did much with Baked Beans last week, so our offer of quadruple 4food$ (that is a buck a sale) to the the 4foodie creator of the best-selling BBQ Baked Beans scoop containing (W)holeburger carries over to this week. MANGODONNA’S “Artery Cleansing” Cardioburger (heck, we don’t make the claims we just report them) treadmills one spot forward to #8. Somewhat surprisingly, given NETDOC66’S “troubled” chart history, The Back UP stays alive for a second week - swooning from #4 to #9, rather than disappearing altogether as we had predicted (and did we catch smack for that). Prescriptively filling out the chart is ANTYSON’S rehabbing tribute to “his messiness” Charlie Sheen #winning burger, which scrapes the bottom at #10.

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