Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We are pleased to announce that the first 4foodie to send correct answers to all 10 questions in our ULTIMATE 4FOODIE (“u4f”) quiz, winning an endless dinner for 10 at the table at the top of the bleachers, is Mike Caprio, u4f. When asked to comment Mike said: “Awesome!! I can't wait to treat my friends to a healthy & fast repast!”
Mike’s winning answers were:
1.     When is 4food's birthday?  9/7/2010
2.     What is the branded name for 4food burgers?  (W)holeburgers
3.     What was the sister product of the (W)holeburger on launch?  Skewers
4.     How many steps are there to the bleachers (count 'em)?  18
5.     What letter grade has been awarded 4food by the DOH?  A
6.     In the 4food "story" animation where was the flight taking the man responsible for the invention of the Ogreburger?  Los Angeles
7.     Name 2 of the 3 Platinum certified (W)holeburgers? Caliburger, MGR Lamb Burger
8.     4food was the first restaurant in the universe to use this iconic Apple product as an in-store kiosk?  iPad
9.     The most relevant 4food credo point to you is?  We provide personalized nutrition facts, advice, and menu recommendations every day in-store, at www.4food.com, and printed on every receipt.
10.  The '#winning burger' is a tribute to who?  Charlie Sheen

Anticipation of Memorial Day and the inevitable Exodus to all places Hamptons Stir’d it up this week, and left a hole just big enough for Angela1126’S Multigrain-Veggie-Veggie Chili-Avocado-Lettuce-Tomato-Basil Pesto-Hummus Angela’s Veggie to poke through - grabbing #1 on a 8% increase in sales from JFAVUZZA’S back-sliding Better Turkey Burger. AHARRIS’S bestselling CaliBurger falls to #3, a burger out in front of RODGERSMG’S MGR Lamb Burger at #4 and NEWMANRA’S Cali4nication at #5 (which again came up short when gross revenue was factored in). ANTYSON’S “tribute to his messiness Charlie Sheen” #winning burger Gets Up Stands Up a place to #6 on a 14% increase in sales. Do we hear a Redemption Song?  JANINEDM’S Burger De La Hoya falls to #7, Waiting in Vain for a second wind. FKASS is Jamming at #8 - the Brioche-Beef -Avocado & Chili Mango-Swiss Cheese-Pickle-Tomato-Sweet Chili cyl is his second new chart entry in as many weeks. FKASS, would it inspire you to know that nobody has ever achieved the trifecta nor brought peace to the world through burger building? Judge Not, Ferris782’S monstrous 865 calorie Multigrain-Beef-Potato Chorizo Hash-Fried Egg-Mozzarella-Lettuce-Onion-Basil Pesto-Chipotle Pepper-Sweet Chili Purty Mouth Party Burger, charts a new entry at #9. Apparently, serial burger creator Adthelad’S Pressed Brown Rice-Wild Salmon-Mofongo-Avocado-Manchego-Chutney-Cranberry Bob is a Superhero “was inspired by Kevin MacDonald’s brilliant documentary Marley and the thought that Bob was what the Avengers are not.”

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