Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We are well into our second year of de-junking, and with more than 6,000 registered users and closing in on 3,000 followers it is apparent that we have developed a sizable, opinionated, super-fan base. So, we have decided that it is time to indentify the ULTIMATE 4FOODIE. 
To win all that you need to do is email info@4food.com your answers to the 10 questions below. The first 4foodie that sends in a correct set of answers wins an endless dinner for 8 at the communal table at the top of the bleachers any day (5PM - 10PM) until Friday, June 29th 2012.
The Questions:
1.     When is 4food’s birthday?
2.     What is the branded name for 4food burgers? And why?
3.     What was the sister product of the burger on launch? (clue that it came on a stick)
4.     How many steps are there to the bleachers?
5.     What letter grade has been awarded 4food by the DOH?
6.     In the 4food "story" animation (at 4food.com) where was the flight heading with the man responsible for the Ogreburger?
7.     Name 2 of the 3 Platinum certified (W)holeburgers?
8.     How many portal windows (not mirrors) are there that look into the operations of our commissary kitchen on the lower level?
9.     The most relevant 4food credo point to you is?
10.  The #winning burger is a tribute to who?


After 3 weeks spent de-junking from giddy heights, JFAVUZZA’S Multigrain-Turkey-Spinach & Garlic-Avocado-Goat Cheese-Lettuce-Pickle-Hummus-Tzatziki Better Turkey Burger slips below AHARRIS’S avenging Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Lettuce-Tomato-Mustard CaliBurger. Our all-time sales leader drags Beef on its super-powered ride and it bests Turkey as the best-selling patty for first time in 4 weeks. NEWMANRA’S Cali4nication and Angela’s Veggie by Angela1126 are tied with Better Turkey Burger in unit sales but lose out to the feathered super-bird on the all-important revenue tiebreaker. Huddled at #5, tied in both sales and revenues, are #winning burger, ANTYSON’S tribute to Charlie Sheen, and JANINEDM’S Burger De La Hoya. RODGERSMG’S MGR Lamb Burger rests at #7, a short hoof in front of the first of this week’s chart new entries, netdoc66’S hard charging Brioche-Beef-Hard Boiled Egg-Pancetta Bacon-Mozzarella-Lettuce-Onion-Pickle-Tomato-Garlic Mayonnaise Brotherman From The Fifth Floor. We have heard (from none other than netdoc66 himself) that Disney/Marvel is negotiating to buy movie rights to the Brotherman legend, in which hard-boiled, beefy Brotherman From the Fifth Floor de-junks the planet by any means necessary, leading a popular revolt against big-burger and big-chicken, creating junk-free safe-harbors from the influence of empty calories. At #9 Tangy Salmony Burg, peter.damato’S Multigrain-Wild Salmon-Spinach & Garlic-Shiitake Mushroom-Onion-Tomato-Sweet Chili sophomore effort, has the tell-it-like-it-is branding that was missing from his (minor) hit Yumyumyumyumyum burger. #CaseOfTheMondays anchors the chart at #10 by MISSKHAHLIDRA, a Black Widow-like character often seen strutting around 4food Madison Avenue on 5-inch stacks.

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