Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eat apps!

This is Social Media Week when bloggers, app developers, web designers, and social networkers come out from the dark to play, and this Thursday evening their playground is 4food. Which we take as a pat-on-the-back, because today (almost eighteen months after launch) we are still the only fast food restaurant where you can name and tweet your custom burgers (from over 140 million possible combinations), check-in on a stadium sized media wall, and order in-store from iPad toting hawkers using our own build-a-burger POS.

The event itself is a mobile food app showcase featuring the inventors, bundlers, and marketers of various innovative food and beverage apps. Those who invested the $30 fee get to feast on Gotham’s only truly de-junked fast food while they experience the featured apps in a radically offline social setting. If the apex of food and tech thrills you, 4food on Thursday night is the only place to be.

the whitney:

There are few more subjective opinions than best singer, best movie, best restaurant - but the most meaningful voice of our lifetime belongs to Whitney Houston (RIP), who de-junked popular music as she dragged the gospel out of church kicking and screaming and into millions of lives, becoming the first person to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with seven consecutive singles. Her performance of One Moment in Time at the 1989 Grammy’s is an amazing journey through vulnerability to victory as she soars from the bridge to freedom. At this point we don’t know for sure what killed her, but then again we do! it was junk - drugs for sure but also the weight of our expectations; not black enough for Soul Train, not straight enough for mainstream, and then in spite of the greatest performance of The Star Spangled Banner of all time (the first to take the national anthem into the Top 10 and have it certified platinum), a universal disappointment who has finally found salvation in death.

Yes, we love Whitney.


No doubt Jeremy Lin has de-junked the New York Knicks and brought vitality back to our Garden and given the TEAM purpose; evidencing (if more was needed) that belief whether it is in a God, a movement, or an ideal, is far more powerful than selfish endeavor. Jeremy, you have the freedom of 4food!

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