Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Talking Turkey ...

One week after tying beef as the best selling protein, turkey went one better than neck and neck and topped beef by a beak (4food speak for a single sale), garnering a magnificent 38% share of all chart sales along the way.  Appropriately, in a week in which sales of each of the three best-selling user builds of all-time increased and the entire chart grew 26% to an all time high, JFAVUZZA’S Multigrain-Turkey-Spinach & Garlic-Avocado-Goat Cheese-Lettuce-Pickles-Hummus-Tzatziki Better Turkey Burger captured the #1 spot on a 48% increase in sales (following on from last week’s 43% rise). Given the value of social endorsement, or is it just that the value of our social behavior has been set by those in-the-know at Morgan Stanley at over $100 per Facebook User, one has to wonder (or at least speculate) how valuable you all are? On that point, we would ask that Joseph Favuzza, the valuable lad who created the Better Turkey Burger, contact us at info@4food.com as the information in your profile is no longer valid and we want to say hi (and congrats). At #2, less than a webbed foot behind the Better Turkey Burger, is AHARRIS’S all-time best-selling CaliBurger, which loses its perennial perch in spite of a 32% increase in sales! AHARRIS remains an enigma, a recluse, a genius inventor we have yet to meet - one rumor we give little credence to is that AHARRIS is the Executive Chef at a three star Michelin joint here in Gotham, another is that he is a soon-to-be-minted social media billionaire - either way we would love to sort fact from fiction and grab a short interview. NEWMANRA’S Cali4nication wings it all the way from #5 to #3 on a tremendous 50% sales increase, followed by RODGERSMG’S MGR Lamb Burger which flutters down from #3 to #4 despite a meaningful 15% improvement in sales. ALLAMMERICAN’S The American and ANTYSON’S Charlie Sheen tribute #winning burger each peck up a spot to #5 and #6 with The American coming out on top (what The American needs to scale the summit is Clint, fresh from his Super Bowl Chrysler commercial success, to narrate a patriotic burger spot). We are still trying to contact Charlie Sheen to invite him to accept a GoldenBurger on behalf of #winning burger and the American Diabetes Association, but all of our polite inquiries have either met with deaf ears or Charlie just does not realize that #winning burger is the best thing that has happened to him since he discovered narcotics. Help us get “his messiness” to accept the invite and we will feed you $1000 in 4food cash as well multiply our contribution to the ADA ten-fold. The biggest loser this week (apart from Madonna) is ANGELA1126’S Angela’s Veggie, which drops from #4 to #7 where it is tied with SECKLERM’S Life Forever Burger. At #9 is BOLO26’S deliriously named BEEF BURgITTO, a Multigrain-Beef-Chipotle Hominy-Pancetta Bacon-Cheddar-Lettuce-Onion-Tomato-Guacamole derivative of the tortilla original that has the “why didn’t anybody think of it before” obviousness of many big hits. A peek at BOLO26’S account reveals that he or she is also working on a Döner Kebab Burger - point being that BOLO26 is a nascent cultural burgerneer. SIRBORI’S The 1% falls a couple of places from #8 to #10 though its sales were flat - it looks like the “occupy-my-belly” movement just left the 1% behind.

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