Monday, February 14, 2011

Editorial 2/14/11

The 4food we launched on September 7th last year was experimental and we have been testing our systems ever since to create operating efficiencies and to understand how to deliver the best possible de-junked product at a reasonable price.
Over the past few months we have integrated many of these improvements into our operations and added delivery.  There are other enhancements such as:
  • Improved bread choices
  • Group ordering [“Feasting”]
  • Faster rotating/more seasonal/local menu
  • Improved menu-board design
  • Easier ordering process
These enhancements are best introduced together as the features are inter-related/interdependent. That day is now set - April 10th 2011 will be the first annual De-junking Day [“D-Day”] and will mark the launch of 4food 2.0.

Watch this space for more details as D-Day get closer.

Buildboard Chartbeat:

Last week the Caliburger and Cali4nication were tied in sales, with Cali4nication winning the tie-break as the highest grossing burger of the week. This week Aharris’s Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Dijon Mustard-Lettuce-Tomato Caliburger monster hit takes back the top spot with an astounding 43% jump in sales, and Cali4nication drops below Rodgermg’s MGR Lamb Burger to #3. It remains to be seen whether Cali4nication has the legs to make another run at the top spot, or whether the Caliburger is back for another extended run at #1. Not all of the excitement has been at the peaks. Ginger Flash's Meaty Mouthful, a Brioche-Lamb-Mushroom & Onion-Pancetta-Cheddar-Sweet Chili-Lettuce-Tomato by Ginger Flash, munches its way into the chart at #10 - it’s got a great name that shouts out what it is (which is essential to Buildboard charting progress).

Ginger Flash's Meaty Mouthful will be the first burger I order when I get home. 

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