Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Editorial 2/8/11

Hello 4foodies,

Part of the dream behind 4food is to continuously cultivate new applications of technology to further engage people with the nutrition that fuels their lives and the social aspects involving a quality meal. This is why 4food has on staff a small team of dedicated software developers whose responsibility is to try out new ideas, most of which, have never been built into a restaurant software platform before.
For example, in the next few weeks we will be introducing Feast, a completely new concept in organizing and ordering a meal with your friends and colleagues online. We are also working to give you more power over your nutrition by adding capability to our recommendation engine that will enable us to suggest menus for you based on your perfect carb, fat, and protein ratio splits. To complement our improved nutrition tracking, we are working on a flavor profiling system to help you discover the most delicious combination of tastes in a burger or skewer meal. It's like an online dating website, but we're matching you with the perfect burger – given time this feature may prove powerful enough to topple the Caliburger from its position at the top of the Buildboard chart.
Not only do we De-junk Fast Food ™ at 4food, we keep our software de-junked too! We build all of our technology on top of open source, free software platforms. As we develop more specialized software for 4food we look forward to contributing back to the open source software projects that we have enjoyed using so much, such as Django and Redis.
If you can think of any exciting features that you would like to see at 4food both in the restaurant or on the website, please shoot me an email at scottm@4food.com.

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