Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Editorial 11/16/10

Yet another week at #1 for Aharrise’s Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Dijon Mustard- Lettuce & Tomato all-seasons wonder, Caliburger. The question becomes, is Aharrise the Right Said Fred of (W)holeburgers or a marketing machine – in other words where’s the 2nd single? CrispyAardvark’s beefy Crispy Aardvark burrows itself up to #2 and may be the first real threat to Caliburger domination.  Rodgersmg’s lamb MGR burger treads water at #3 in spite of the fact that its creator had his mom in-store plugging his creation (or was it the other way around). Cindy’s salmon Low-Cal Sal slips a couple of places down the chart to #4 – is this a temporary swoon, or a sign that low-cal and cold weather are at odds. Jorjor’s Gobble-Gobble takes full advantage of 4Dave’s departure from the chart to peck its way into the top-5, a beak in front of Vmangual’s Pluckin Burger, which is perched at #6 with sights on Thanksgiving laps. Jennydeluxe’s The Bed Intruder Burger rises a bunk or two to #7, helped out by a ridiculous commercial that’s been running on the in-store media-wall.  Swooping in to snatch the #8 position is the first of 3 new entries on the chart, Padrote’s pumpernickel powered Beef-Potato & Chorizo Hash-Pancetta-Cheddar-Jerk Sauce-Mayo-Lettuce & Tomato superhero burger, Dark Knight.  Nickster623’s Mac & Cheese Main Squeeze!!! is the joker on the chart mixing a Multigrain Bun-Beef-Mac & Cheese-Avocado-Cheddar-Hummus-Mayo-Ketchup-and Tomato-with Pickles? And rounding out this week’s top-10 is the gorgeous Erica by Ericakeller23, which is what happens when you combine the goodness of  Brioche-Veggie Patty-Avocado Chili Mango-Avocado-Sweet Chili Sauce-Lettuce-Tomato-Pickle-and Onion.

To thank you for having us and to mix up the chart a little we’ve decided to run a “create-your-own-(W)holeburger-commercial” contest.  The rules are few – create a commercial for your named burger and send it to info@4food.com on or before Christmas Day and we’ll pick a winner by New Years Day 2011. The Prize: $250 (4food$) deposited into your 4food account.

Further proof that de-junking pays the bills.

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