Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Editorial 10/26/10

4food location #1, at 286 Madison Avenue, is the testing ground for the environmentally responsible technologies and business processes we will use and improve as we roll out additional stores.

  • Our exterior sunshade louvers reduce glare and unnecessary heat gain
  • Energy efficient LED lighting and clean energy kitchen equipment maximize energy efficiency
  • Our poured concrete floors keep cool in summer and warm in winter like the best stone barns
  • We use regenerative hardwood pine as bleacher seating, and for table and counter tops
  • We compost up to 400 pounds of food waste and packaging in-store every day, reducing trash removal, land fill, and the energy used in trash management
  • We purchase produce at fair prices
  • We pay our team higher than industry average wages

Our contention is that you are far more than what you eat! You are our impact on the environment, on the lives of our team, and on the prosperity of the farms and farm workers that supply us. You are our partners in De-junking fast food.

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