Monday, December 13, 2010

Editorial 12/13/10

And now for something completely different!
Michael Shuman (Managing Partner and 4food’s Architect), Khahlidra Levister (EVP & General Manager), and I would like to invite you to the 4food New Year’s Party – a celebration of next year featuring live broadcasts of New Year’s celebrations from around the world on our fabulous 240 square foot media wall.  The event starts at 7 AM on New Year’s Eve, with New Year’s celebrations in Suva (Fiji), Anadyr (Russia), Kamchatka (Russia),  and Majuro (Marshall Islands), and runs through the wild celebrations on Baker Island, an uninhabited Pacific Island we apparently own, for whom the ball drops  at 7 AM EST on New Year’s day. Our celebrations run all the way until 3 PM on New Year’s Day, at which point we will have been open for 32 marvelous hours straight, serving our regular menu, along with Champagne, Beer and Wine from around the world.
Yes there will be music and dancing (a live DJ from 8 PM), and yes there will be Karaoke (from 2 AM on New Year’s Day and I promise to sing), and yes there is a cover charge of $10 from 8 PM to midnight, and $5 from midnight to 4 AM, after which admission is free.
Why go and suffer stale pretzels in Times Square when you could watch the ball drop from the 4food bleachers eating a truly famous burger – perhaps one of yours!
Aharrise’s Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Dijon Mustard-Lettuce & Tomato Caliburger is #1 on the Buildboard Chart for the 9th straight week outselling Erica’s Erica at #2 by a 2-1 margin. The big news is 11 year old Sydney Seiff’s Brioche-Beef-Winter Slaw-Lettuce & Pickles Bieburger, which buzzes the chart at #8, and becomes the first chart entry ever by a pre-teen, and pushes Low-Cal Sal into oblivion.

1.       Caliburger
2.       Erica
3.       Crispy Ardvark
4.       Mac & Chees Main Squeeze
5.       Dark Knight
6.       MGR Lamburger
7.       Gooble Goble
8.       Bieburger
9.       Bed Intruder Burger
10.    Cougar

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