Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The Edamame and Sea Salt scoop is back on the menu, and back in your side salad along with our store-pickled veggies. We’ve added Captain Lawrence's Brown Ale to our Pumpernickel Bun and now bake all of our buns in-store. The biggest news is the launch of Breakfast 2.0 on Monday, October 1st featuring custom made-to-order as always Frittata patties - eggs, whites, and tofu/vegan - with your choice of Veggiescoop scrambled into the mix. These can be had as (W)holeburgers on any in-house bun including our new  store-baked (there’s a theme developing) English Muffin, rice bowls, or salad bowls. Enjoy your breakfast bowl or sandwich with freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice or freshly brewed Irving Farm coffee. With breakfast being the most important meal of your day it should be fresh, delicious, nutritious, and infinitely customizable to your preferences.
Vincent Mangual, Executive Chef, 4food LLC

The temperature is falling and so did a few of our fellow 4foodies for now - so long to The Apples to Apples or should we say “Dust to Dust”, addio mio amore La Italiana Delight, and perhaps it is time to tighten down that platinum bowtie MGR Lamb Burger. George Matthes by WATSONERROR whoever and wherever you are you starts us out at #10 and in a three way tie with REINAINNYC’S Lamchorgoat (both showcasing our new pumpernickel bun made daily with one of our favorite local ingredients of choice - Captain Lawrence’s Brown Ale) and NAOMIT’S Mediterranean-inspired Lamb Burger. Another threesome tie at #7 starts by DOCKERYFARMS screaming “Stay away from the cans!” with The Jerk  Burger - a simple yet spicy build of Brioche-Beef-Chorizo Potato Hash-Cheddar-Jerk Sauce. Following with a golden thud is JFAVUZZA and his feathered Better Turkey Burger friend crashing from their perch as the #1 build for the past few weeks. Completing this trio on a 300 calorie healthy note is RENANGO’S The Healthy Choice - a flavorful concoction of Multigrain-Wild Salmon-Cheddar & Scallion Grits-Kim Chi-Lettuce-Onion-Pickle-Tomato-Ketchup-Mustard. PVANESSCHE’S Lamb of God parts the charts and walks on water to take a solitary lock at #5. JANINEDM’S Burger De La Hoya strips we mean slips again now to #4, while RHA70’S Michigan Wolverine Burger somehow maintains its #3 position even though it was unable to tame the Irish. AHARRIS’S platinum CaliBurger begins another likely ascent to the top with more sunshine truth than Mitt Romney’s spray tan with a handle on #2. Keeping it lean and equally green this week at #1 is ANGELA1126’S “healthy & wholesome” vegetarian goodness Angela’s Veggie 2.

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