Tuesday, September 18, 2012


At one time or another, every foodie fantasizes about shilling their goods in an open-air market. The hustle and bustle, sense of camaraderie and energy of eager shoppers excited to sample your fare are enough to send even the most jaded food scenester into hyper shopkeeper mode. Well, I am happy to report that working in the Urbanspace Meatpacking Market is everything food vendor daydreams are made of. Laughter and the occasional dog bark echo under the Highline; aromas of sizzling lamb, buttery grilled cheese, and wood-fire pizza fill the air. Children play, tourist take pictures, and couples kiss under the strings of lights. If you haven’t already, you best make your way downtown to the corner of 13th Street and Washington, and check out 4food South - better known as The (W)holeburger Bar. We’re having all kinds of fun with our neighbors Asia Dog, Little Muenster, Mayhem & Stout, and many others. Live jazz bands play on Sunday afternoons, and one couldn’t ask for a better perch to style watch; everyday is like watching the pages of Vogue parade by. Our cooks Oscar and Pedro will make your Mac Daddy just the way you like it, as Fiona and Kiana give you the 411 on our grass-fed beef while pouring you a cold brewed hibiscus tea laced with fresh berries. But don’t take my word for it, drop by for your daily dose of Mac & Cheese and take in the magic. The market opens promptly at 11AM every day, closing at 8PM except on Fridays and Saturdays when gates close at 10PM.
Khahlidra Levister, Executive Vice President, 4food LLC

Leaving the chart this week of note, yet unlikely for long, are the recently golden hits #winning burger and Erica as well the newer descriptive TurCado. These passing on made room for some newcomers, the first two of which and tied at #10 (‘Whoa….’ indeed) is the La Italiana Delight by JASONMPCI featuring our new Eggplant Parmesan scoop while running alongside after it is the recently very prolific REINAINNYC’S Pumpernickel-Lamb-Potato Chorizo Hash-Avocado-Goat Cheese-Lettuce-Tomato-Sweet Chili telling like it is Lamchorgoat. Slipping in at #9 is KYLEIDOSCOPE’S newest addition to the charts, the right in time for Fall and comparative analysis The Apples to Apples. Two Lambs help round off the three tied at #9, RODGERSMG’S platinum status MGR Lamb Burger and the perhaps immortal Lamb of God by PVANESSCHE. Trying to keep it simple at #5 is IAMTHEMATT’S Back2Basics. 3 for 3 brings the chart to a 3 way tie at #3. The trio begins in the Midwest with RHA70’S Michigan Wolverine Burger, then jumps to the West Coast with AHARRIS’S platinum CaliBurger, and finally ends up in a corner of the main event ring with JANINEDM’S Burger De La Hoya. Keeping it green, while it keeps bringing in the green, and securing the #2 spot is the ever popular ANGELA1126 and her namesake sequel Angela’s Veggie 2. For the second week in a row JFAVUZZA and his Better Turkey Burger spreads its golden wings and proudly sits atop the BuildBoard Chart perch at #1 - perhaps until Thanksgiving ?

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