Saturday, July 30, 2011


In the months since the opening of 4food at Madison Avenue on September 7th, 2010 you have created over 20,000 unique builds, including burgers celebrating Libyan Democracy, The Bed Intruder, and Facebook. (W)holeburgers such as aharris’ mega-hit CaliBurger (beneficiary - Family Cook Productions), newmanra’s Cali4nication (beneficiary -Tsunami relief in Japan), and antyson’s “tribute to his messiness Charlie Sheen” #winning  (beneficiary - American Diabetes Association) have done more than their fair share to de-junk what we eat and the world beyond. 

In this time we have received expressions of interest from potential licensee’s across the globe, including Italy, Japan, Korea, India, Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Denmark, Bulgaria, and all over the United States.

Our food and our technology has been featured the world over in newspapers, magazines, blogs, cable and broadcast TV; from the Food Network to Reuters, from the New York Times to the Guardian, from CNN to CNET, from Midtown Lunch to Grub Street, from Eater to Fast Company. Earlier this month, we proudly held our first ever (W)holeburger Certification Event honoring 3 “golden” user-builds with more than 500 sales.

While we are thankful for all of the celebrity and recognition we have received, our most important measure is your satisfaction, and we are aware that in this regard we have a ways to go.  The fact is that we have found it difficult to implement the various big and small improvements to our products, service, and technologies that are essential to the ultimate 4food experience, given the all-consuming nature of daily operation. So we have decided to close our store from Monday, August 1st to Wednesday September 7th 2011 to reboot.  Our goal on reopening being improved consistency of product, even greater transparency of ingredients and their sources, completing our breakfast menu and our line of beverages and desserts, producing the ultimate square root, improving the robustness and utility of our information technologies, and better educating our staff in our mission and service to you. 

We imagine that the 5 weeks we are closed will be a bit strange, as you will see a working restaurant and wonder why the doors are closed and we will see our customers passing by and wish that we could serve them.  So we will occasionally and randomly open the doors to show you how we are doing.

We look forward to seeing you then and on September 7th to continue de-junking.

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