Wednesday, July 6, 2011

GoldBurger Award

Last week’s inaugural 4food GoldBurger Award ceremony was hosted by the restaurant’s very own Khahlidra Levister (Executive Vice President) and Michael Shuman (Co-founder and Managing Partner).  A panel of food industry experts, including Bill Niman of the BN Ranch, Jamie Schweid of Burger Maker, Jeremiah White (a contributor to Midtown Lunch), and Vinnie Mangual (manager of the 4food Commissary) attended the award ceremony where the Caliburger, Cali4nication, and MGR Burger took home top prizes for having sold more than 500 each of their unique builds. Randall Newman (developer of the Cali4nication burger) and Michael Rodgers (developer of the MGR Lamb burger) along with Lynn Fredericks of Family Cook Productions (on behalf of the Caliburger) accepted their GoldBurger awards and in a build-off competition introduced their sophomore builds for the judges. All three new builds - Newman’s The Stimulus Package, Family Cook Productions’ TBC Burger, and Rodgers’ Smothered Health Turkey were added to last week’s menu and are on sale now. Newman’s Stilmulus Package was a crowd favorite but we are leaving the winner up to you! Buy your favorite of the three in-store or online today and we will announce the burger that sells the most during the month of July on Monday, August 1st. Family Cook Productions was the recipient of a donation from 4food that matched the royalties garnered by the Caliburger. Beef burger lovers also got to enjoy a limited time offer of Bill Niman’s BN Ranch beef, delivered personally by the purveyor of naturally sustainable beef. The event is semiannual.

On the Buildboard Chart:
The 1st GoldBurger Awards Ceremony bestowed more than glory upon the winners. As with the Oscars and the Grammys, the (W)holeburgers that were honored received a sales bump as 4foodies flocked to the 3 certified GoldenBurgers, which were responsible for an unprecedented 62.3% [by value] of Buildboard Chart sales. Back at #1, riding a stunning 41% increase in week-on-week sales, is aharris Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Lettuce-Tomato-Dijon Mustard Caliburger - the best-selling user-created (W)holeburger of all time. The Caliburger has already earned more than $276 for the organization Family Cook Productions. At #2, a short head behind, is last week’s chart-topper, newmanra’s Cali4nication, on a relatively disappointing 4% increase in sales. Galloping up the chart from #5 to #3 on a whopping 100% increase in weekly sales is Rodgersmg’s MGR Lamb. All of a sudden there’s daylight between MGR Lamb and pvanessche’s Lamb of God, which drops off the pace to #5. 

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