Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello 4foodies –

It has been five weeks since I joined the company, as head of operations, and I am as excited as ever about the future of 4food. In this short time, I have had the chance to peel back the layers of what makes this concept special and in this issue of the newsletter I want to pose the following question:
Isn’t it time we changed the way we eat?
What does this sentence mean to you? For me, it means:
  • Knowing from where my food comes
  • How it was prepared
  • Sharing it with the people who are important to me
My love affair with food began when I was young. I was raised on a working farm, in Washington State, with cattle, horses, chickens, rabbits – I think you get the picture.
On this farm, we also had a large garden. I remember the late days of summer, when I would:
  • Pull an onion bulb out of the ground, rinse off the soil and bite into it like an apple
  • Snap a pea pod off the vine and shuck the tender green peas straight into my mouth
  • Pull a gangly orange carrot out of the soil and bite into its sweet stock
In those days, knowing where my food came from couldn’t have been simpler. The food couldn’t have been fresher. It isn’t as easy these days to trace our food back to its origin. Nearly all of the food at your average quick serve restaurant is packed with preservatives, flavorings, and stabilizers mutating the taste profile along the way.
At 4food, every item on our menu is prepared from scratch. Nothing is processed. Our scoops begin with fresh vegetables and herbs and are free from engineered preservatives. Our livestock are grass-fed and humanely raised, as certified by the humane society, while our ingredients are free from genetically engineered organisms (GMOs). Vinny and his team, in the restaurant’s kitchen, work tirelessly to ensure we serve only the freshest items to you, our guests.
As the head of operations at 4food, I am committed to ensuring that we remain transparent and share with you the origins of each of our ingredients and how we construct each menu item.
So again I ask, isn’t time we changed the way we eat?
Our number one goal is to De-junk the world, a burger at a time.
De-junking Always,

It’s March and the madness has already begun. In a week in which England fought their way to an unlikely tie with India in World Cup Cricket, only to lose to Ireland, newmanra’s Multigrain-Turkey-Spinach & Pine Nuts-Avocado-Manchego-Hummus-Sweet Chili Cali4nication again tied aharris’s Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Dijon Mustard-Lettuce-Tomato monster hit Caliburger, which is by far the best-selling (w)holeburger of all time with 554 sold and $168.50 earned. Has aharris ever paid 4food? Perhaps the even bigger news is that this is no-longer an all Cali race - making an enormous move from #6 to #3 and ending up only three purchases behind the Cali twins is ericakeller23’s Erica, the first real veggie contender and the one to watch as Rodgersmg’s MGR Lamb fades to #4. In other chart action Mapohlman’s fine porker, the MultiGrain-Italian Sausage-Chipotle Hominy-Roasted Shiitake Mushrooom-Mozzarella-Guacamole-Dijon Mustard-Pickle Here Piggy Piggy snorts into the chart at #13, and antyson’s Brioche-Beef-Mac and Cheese-Pancetta Bacon-Cheddar-BBQ-Tomato #winning burger, a rather touching tribute to “his messiness” Charlie Sheen, wobbles into #14 - for every one of these sold in March we will contribute $0.50 to the American Diabetes Association.
  1. Cali4nication (tie w/ Caliburger)
  2. Caliburger
  3. Erica
  4. MGR Lamb
  5. Bed Intruder
  6. The Crispy Aardvark
  7. The Dark Knight
  8. The Low Cal Sal
  9. Office Marriage
  10. The Sweet Jerk

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