Tuesday, November 27, 2012


While the weather may be more unpredictable than frightful, it is still cold outside. And when the mercury drops, that 5 minute walk from the subway to your office feels like an eternity. Thankfully our chef Vincent Mangual has the cure for frosty commutes: Hot Chocolate. And not your run-of-the-mill Swiss Miss. Dark or White Callebaut Chocolate melted into thick drinkable lava with locally sourced milk from Five Acre Farms.

Warm beverages are not the only thing heating up at 4food. Baker DeVonna Cayson has been churning out fresh hot buns by the dozens for all of the 4food (W)holeburgers and De-Junked Breakfast Sandwiches. On any given day you can spot her through the commissary window rolling brioche dough, or take a peak behind the counter and you may catch her flipping biscuit muffins on the griddle.

Bread baked fresh daily on the premises is what De-Junked food is all about. Find out for yourself!

The Buildboard gets the holiday season started this week with ALEXC’S The Manchego Avocado confident newcomer of Brioche-Beef-Pico de Gallo-Avocado-Manchego-Lettuce-Onion-Pickle-Garlic Mayonnaise bowtied at #10 with RODGERSMG’S platinum MGR Lamb Burger. The re-entry of PROMSPLEEN’S Brussel Burger sits tied at #7 with JFAVUZZA’S golden spared Better Turkey Burger. All the while ANGELA1126 is at it again as Jake’s Mac & Cheese pancetta burger jumps up the charts 4 spots to a tie with AHARRIS’S 4 spot falling yet still very platinum CaliBurger. The Jerk Burger by DOCKERYFARMS finds a friend or company or crowd as it jumps up 3 spots to tie with RHA70’s Buckeye bruised Michigan Wolverine Burger at #3. Having it AMICHAELS’S The Cowboy Way spurs its way 3 spots to #2. Rebounding faster than Sanchez off a lineman’s derriere the Midtown Cheddar Bacon by ALEXC is “all business, all delicious” indeed as it takes back the top spot this week at #1.

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