Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We made it through our second year on the corner of 40th & Madness, and oh what a year it was! We saw Transpires (Transsexual Vampires), Pro-Tasters, iPad Avengers, Pint-Sized Chess Prodigies, and Social Media Trendsetters. Beer and Sangria became staples on the menu, while Peking Duck and Kobe Beef made guest appearances. We said goodbye to a few good men (and women), and welcomed in some new and familiar faces. We said “what’s up” on Korean TV, were put on the radar in the Netherlands, inked a deal to open in Japan… and for this we celebrate!
To celebrate our 2nd (W)holeburger Birthday, and the most successful 4foodie-generated-burgers (and the return of red-hot Jerk Sauce), on Friday September 7th, 2012 at 4PM we will be throwing the 2nd Annual (W)holeburger Awards at 4food, 286 Madison Avenue, in Gotham City.  This ticket-only event recognizes the achievements of (W)holeburger creators, whose burger building ingenuity and crave-worthy  creations inspired lunch runs all over the city, while earning them top billing on the 4food menu board, and enough 4food dollars to eat for free for quite some time! The honorees are legendary 4foodies like Adam Harris (for CaliBurger), Randall Newman (for Cali4nication), and Michael Rodgers (for MGR Lamb Burger), all of whom are being honored for achieving Platinum Certification (>1000 sales); as well as Ashley Tyson (for #winning burger), Erica Keller (for Erica), and Joseph Favuzza (for Better Turkey Burger), all of whom are being honored for achieving Gold Certification (>500 sales).
Tickets to the star-infested event ($20) may be purchased in advance in store.  A small quantity of tickets will be held back to be sold on the day of the event itself. One of the tickets has magical de-junking properties, entitling the purchaser to free 4food for one week - from Friday September 7th thru Friday September 14th.
Come be a part of these monumental festivities! Have YOUR creation featured on the menu board throughout the event! Register at http://4food now to get started!  
End of summer, kids back to school, and back to the old heave-ho for many - but summer will not be lonely as we send farewell for now to promspleen, the one hit wonder Skinny  Rich Bri-oche, and better blues burger. Limping all the way back from Dallas onto the BuildBoard Chart and tied at #10 is RHA70’S Michigan Wolverine Burger alongside SYNCEREX8’S Rich Porter Burger, a delectable combination of Multigrain-Pork-Mofongo-Avocado-Manchego-Lettuce-Onion-Tomato-Chipotle Pepper. Take a bite out of it before it takes a bite out of you, at a five-way tie at #7 is MSHEPPARD’S SHARKburger. Ramma Jamma Yella Hamma Give them H-E-DoubleSticks Alabama is DOCKERYFARMS’S Roll Tide Burger. Dropping from the #3 spot last week is CaliBurger, which will be honored this Friday at 4food’s Annual (W)holeburger Awards. The last two burgers tied at #7 are KYLEIDOSCOPE’S The Salad Days and thanking god for the return of PVANESSCHE’S Lamb of God.  Dropping from #2 last week and landing at #4 this week is the mysteriously hard to find JFAVUZZA and his recently golden Better Turkey Burger.  ANGELA1126 Angela’s Veggie 2 is hanging around at her familiar #3, but beware as 4food expects the “battle of the veggies” to heat up with the veggie chili scoop making its way back to the menu next week and powering the ever popular Angela’s Veggie. Flip-flopping again and up against the ropes at #2 is JANINEDM’S main event Burger De La Hoya. Capturing the #1 spot for the very first time is IAMTHEMATT’S Brioche-Beef-Mushroom & Onions-Pancetta Bacon-Swiss Cheese-Horseradish Cream Back2Basics which just goes to show that sometimes there really is nothing like the real thing !

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