Tuesday, January 24, 2012


 We were approached by a 4foodie last week with a lot to say; after telling us that 4food was the most underrated restaurant in New York, he lectured us that we should make more of our innovation - “take credit where it’s due.”  So here follows a short list of our innovations:

1.     We’ve Got Holes In Our Patties - enabling us to cook the patties more quickly (and evenly) from fresh (bringing fast cooking to slow food) and enabling almost infinite customization (as the hole is where we pop in the build-transforming scoops).
2.     Almost Infinite Customization - we provide so many component choices (all cooked from scratch) that there are according to CNN more than 96 billion different ways to build a (W)holeburger [http://money.cnn.com/2010/09/16/technology/4food/index.htm], though we claim a more modest 140,000,000.
3.     Name & Market Your Burger (Tweet it! Post it! Email it! Tell a friend!) - we provide a set of online tools that enable 4foodies to name and market their builds, and kick back 25-cents in $4food for every burger sold. We predict that the first $4food millionaire will be created this decade!
4.     Intelligent Recommendations - based on 4foodies’ profiles and ordering history we provide customized recommendations and real time nutritional info online, in-store, and printed on receipts.
5.     The Buildboard Chart - has become the most influential burger chart in the world, a quintessential guide to 21st century urban food culture. 
6.     iPad Bar - Steve Jobs (RIP) may have been the father of the iPad and ushered in paperless papers, but we were first to put them in a restaurant as kiosks! [http://gizmodo.com/4food/]
7.     Interactive Menu Boards - show the store menu and your creations in real time. If we run out of a particular menu item, it is removed from the menu boards enabling us to cook in small batches and keep our food fresh.
8.     Tweet Your Beef! - A huge digital wall displays the Buildboard Chart, your 4square check-ins, and unedited tweeted comments in real time!
9.     Those Airliner Flap Exterior Louvers? - help keep 4food a temperate place to be without unnecessary heat gain and help keep the technology free of unwanted glare, their angle changing automatically with the pitch of the sun.
10.  In-Store Composting - our in-store tank gobbles up food waste and packaging thus significantly reducing our trash production.

The sum of these innovations is de-junked fast food.

On The Buildboard Chart/Chartbeat:

The word to describe this week’s chart action is shuffle. The Top 10 remained the top ten and the top two were the perennial West Coast duo - AHARRIS’S Brioche-Beef-Avocado & Chili Mango-Avocado-Manchego-Lettuce-Tomato-Dijon Mustard  CaliBurger at #1, and NEWMANRA’S Cali4nication at #2. The big mover of the week is Angela1126’S  Angela’s Veggie, which jumps from #7 to #3 on a 72% increase in sales.  Under Angela everything shuffles up or down or stays in place except for ANTYSON’S Charlie Sheen tribute #winning burger, which free falls all the way down to #10. Bubbling under the chart this week and worthy of a mention, if only for its deliriously satirical Occupy my Belly avatar  is Sirbori’s  Multigrain-Turkey-Spinach & Garlic-Avocado-Manchego-Lettuce-Pickle-Tomato-Hummus-Tzatziki The 1%.

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