Thursday, April 7, 2011

In the 4food Spotlight celebrates you - our Guests, who have built almost 20,000
different (W)holeburgers and who compete so hard to top the Buildboard Chart, and
to earn 4food$.

Our first 4food Burgermaster (alternatively spelled Burgomeister, literally master of
the location or store) is Randall Newman, creator of Cali4nication, this week’s best
selling build.

To find out what makes Randall tick and what ticks him off about 4food we asked a
few questions, and got an equal amount of answers:

1. What caused you to build your first (W)holeburger?
So I could order it again in a flash.

2. What was your influence/intent in building your burger?
I wanted to build the tastiest healthy burger imaginable.

3. Did you have a specific inspiration?
In another life I worked at a hip Chinese inspired restaurant run by hippy surfers that
served really healthy tasty food. I thought I would try to bring that spin on a burger to

4. How do you describe it?
A bit sweet, a bit spicy, and bit of surprise.

5. Why did you choose these particular burger components?
Each component tastes amazing on its own. Trial and error. Took about ten tries to get
it right. Perseverance I guess.

6. What tactics have you used to market your burger?
Lots and lots of badgering of my friends at work. I tweeted once too. I only have 2
followers though. Rnewmsy is my handle.

7. Have you a follow-up in the works?
I do indeed have a follow-up coming. Stay tuned. It may raise the bar.

8. What do with the 4food$ you have earned?
I eat more 4food of course. Best part is I don't have to feel guilty about it because it's
good food.

9. What does 4food mean to you?
4food is like my burger. You really can't have it often enough.

Only thing I dislike is when I see my burger sold out. Then I need to figure out what to
eat! Being creative can be exhausting.

10. Tell us about the photo. Who’s the girl?
I found her online and thought she’d sell a lot of burgers!

Thanks Randall, you are a Burgermaster.


Newmanra’s Multigrain-Turkey-Spinach and Pine Nuts-Avocado-Manchego-Hummus-Sweet Chili-Onion Cali4nication is dominant this week with sales 42% greater than Rodgermg’s MGR Lamb at #2, and having vanquished its Golden State rival aharris’sCaliburger - the best selling (W)holeburger of all time - which falls 6-places to #10. How a burger named after a consensual act can be so predatory is something only newmanra can answer. At #3 padrote’s beefy Dark Knight has become something of a dark horse, galloping easily by the rails, waiting for an opportunity to push its nose in front. Meanwhile the sheen is coming off Charlie-boy, as antyson’s “tribute to his messiness Charlie Sheen” #winning slips a place to #4, having earned $48.50 for the American Diabetes Association to date. Office Marriage is at #5 - that Cali4nication and Office Marriage share the same breath says much about the diversity of 4foodies (or does it?). The big mover this week is davidcarlson’s Libyan Democracy, the greatest sales gainer of the week, climbing 4 places to #6, in a
week in which the pro-democracy forces found our support conditional (4now). Did anybody think the endgame through? What exactly happens if the good guys are routed? David, do you have a Death of Democracy sequel in the wings? Finally, Ham and Eggs on Steroids, a so-good-it-should-be-illegal Bagel-Italian Sausage- Hard Boiled Egg-Pancetta Bacon-Cheddar-BBQ-Lettuce-Pickle by mapohlman, which is bubbling under the chart at # 12, representing our fastest growing day-part and
some Cockney in our heritage. In London Ham & Eggs = Legs, which I sincerely hope this build has to spare/share.

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