Thursday, August 26, 2010

Press Release

New Restaurant -4food -Opens in Midtown Manhattanon September 7, 2010,offering Guests Millions of Ways to Customize a (W)holeburger™

New York, New York -August 26, 2010-4food is the newsocially networked restaurant set to de-junk™ fast food by bringing fast, fresh, delicious, and nutritious food, made of local produce purchased at fair prices, to people of all ages, lifestyles, and ethnicities. Opening September 7, 2010, 4food is located at 286 Madison Avenue, on the corner of 40th Street in Manhattan, an area with the highest density workday population in the US. 4food redefines counter culture through the use of highly adaptive personalized recommendation technologies and by upgrading food that people already eat.

Traditional items such asburgers, nuggets, fries, salads, and teasare transformed into new menu items that are convenient, and almost infinitely customizable to guests' lifestyles and cultural preferences.No fads, fillers, nor anything artificial.No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats or oils.Nothing is fried, modified, or genetically engineered.4food's menu is made of quality, natural ingredients and prepared with simple straightforward cooking techniques.

The food is measurably healthier than existing products and reasonably priced.The signature 4food itemnamed the (W)holeburger™ is a donut shaped patty made whole with a VeggieScoop center.There are more than 140 million ways to make a (W)holeburger™ and more than 25 VeggieScoop centers. And what does 4food make with the patty-hole? Skewers: the perfect bun-less low-carbsharing food!
With 120 seats -50 upstairs and 70 downstairs, fixtures like bleachers and communal tables, 4food's design invites social interaction.A 240 square-foot LED monitor provides up-to-the-minute information about special information pertinent to guests' experience.The monitor narrowcasts 4food User generated commercials, mood video, de-junking video mashes, seasonal and occasional products, special events and current news items.Guests can order their food on-line, in the restaurant at the counter, at ipadkiosks, or from hawkers -4food staff registering new customers inside the restaurant.

Social networking gives 4food guests ownership in their dining experience as Registered Users who complete a profile survey (enabling smart recommendation) receive (12) 4food dollars into their 4food accounts.Additionally, Users can then customize, name and market their builds (promoting their burgers) online.Users receive $0.25 in their 4food accounts for every burger sold.

Community and environmental responsibility play an important role in 4food's model:the dynamic menu boards which reduce waste, the use ofsustainable materials and techniques including composting 24/7 by transforming hundreds ofpounds of trash into drainage water daily, apartnership with the New York City Human Resources Administration to provide hands on work experience and life skills training to New Yorkers transitioning from public assistance into the workforce.

As food that is fast is equally important to food that is made of quality products, 4food makes dining the responsible eating choice.

“Two decades ago I wrote a business plan for a chain of fast, healthy food restaurants.My goal was (as it is today) to provide fast, fresh, nutritious, delicious, reasonably priced foods made of natural ingredients, and customizable to our taste, to fuel our fast-paced and globally influenced lives. We serve 4food in immaculate, modern, flagship restaurants that are designed to function as community hubs. We have developed a suite of online tools that allow 4foodies to match their nutrition goals with particular menu items, and enable them to name and market their builds in socially networked ways, and we reward them when they succeed. The sum total of our innovations is a scalable and sustainable model built around a menu of differentiated dejunkedproducts such as the (W)holeburger.” –Adam Kidron -Imagineerand Co-founder.

Partners in 4food include the founders Adam Kidron and architect Michael Shuman; Bill Niman-the founder of NimanRanch; Dr. Woodson Merrill -the founder of Beth Israel Center for Integrated Medicine; Ed Winter -one of the foremost experts in marketing to young people in the US.

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